BEC #2 my wildest dream

i (will) made it!

i (will) made it!

talking about dream,
i have to think longer than anyone else.
because basically, i am not a good dreamer :v. i just do my daily activity then plan for my short or mid term goals.

and thinking about the wildest one,
i really want to have a round-world trip with a big van.
it inspired by hollywood movies i ever seen before and also a lot of articles about traveling in internet. wkwkwk.
i imagine that my, err.. not my but our van will be our mobile house. we can do anything in our ordinary house comfortly, such as cooking, taking a bath, sleeping, doing our hobbies, and another private activity.

but first,
my husband have to recall his driving ability because he never drive anymore since he was in senior high school. haha. and also i have to be expert in driving as well because it’s impossible if he have to drive all the time. besides, i even can’t ride a motorcycle =,=.

then, i have too much worry on the road: i am scare that i will unexpectedly hit a car in front of me or other motorbike in my side, yeah… something like that. i know you know what i mean :p.

next thing is a career break!
how could i travel around the world if i have to go to my office every monday-friday, from 8-5?
career break is such a freedom that i want so much from last year. :))
maybe we still can do our carier on photography and write some books about us #eaaak… and i think my husband still can do his work as programmer on the road. :v

sometimes, i think that this dream is almost impossible since we don’t have much money. but i have to believe in My God who have unlimited power to make my dream come true. just like i believed in Him when i wanted to get married 3 years ago :p.

hei, my hero there… Would you accept my proposal for our life in the future?  ^^

20 thoughts on “BEC #2 my wildest dream

  1. what an exciting dream Mba Ncuss. I can imagine driving in a big van around the world. Hihi. That could be very inspiring. May you will get the chance to live that dream :)
    Thank you ya Mba for joining the challenge..

  2. Mba, kita udah folow2an before yaa…
    wah, ketemu di wzp ^^

    I agree with you, mba. Work at office with a routine is so sucI :P
    but, unfortunatelly, I still need it. :D

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