EF #3 How Gadgets Affect Your Life?

Gaara on my phone's screen. kyaaa....

Gaara on my phone’s screen. kyaaa….

this post will be focused on one kind of gadgets: Handphone

i still remember the first time i met a gadget, a handphone to be exact. it’s when i was a student in junior high school. if i’m not mistaken, i was in 2nd grade. hehe. at that time, my classmate brought a small red thing to the class and when we had a break in the noon, she played it in front of our room. i was very curious what thing she played and so were my other friends. somehow, we surrounded her and asked everything about it. then we took turns using that thing which called a handphone. hehe.

then time runs so fast…
i finally got my very first handphone when i was in university, in 2nd year. it was sony ericsson, walkman edition, and orange! haha. i was very happy that time. “look at me, i have a handphone!” maybe i would scream that sentence to the world if i could not control my self :)). Well, i used it until i graduated from my university and got my first job. then i changed it to Samsung Galaxy Mini and it lasted for 1.5 years. i knew everything about twitter, whatsapp, and other apps because of it :D. maybe at that time it was too late to know about it, wkwkwk. and now, i have a Samsung Galaxy III Mini and don’t have any desire to have another ones.

and yes, HP has changed my life…
it makes my life easier in many ways. i can call my family that lives in Lampung easily andΒ  it entertains me when i am bored or become awkward at certain situation (if you know what i mean :p). The most important thing is i can take pictures anytime and anywhere without bringing a heavy DSLR in my bag. xixixi.

but, it also give us negative effects.
whereever you go now, you will see everyone is busy with their phone or other gadgets. in restaurants, football matches, libraries, city parks, or even in hospitals! everyone can’t be separated with their gadgets. well, i experience the same thing. i’ll feel more worry when i can’t go to other place without HP in my bag than i left my wallet behind because i can ask to my husband to pay whatever i want with his money. i also check my HP every 10 minutes or even every 5 minutes. it makes me ignore others and even my husband. when i have a special meeting with my friends, most of us are texting on their HP, the other ones are patiently waiting for them to stop doing it. heuheuheu. it’s bad, well, i do know that it’s bad.

that’s why, i recently try to change my habit. after hours, i’ll throw my handphone to my bed then i do everything without it, such as reading books or sleeping earlier. in the weekends, i just check my HP every 4-5 hours. hehe. because, to be honest i actually feel very tired of message notifications. it’s too much! when i check my HP, i just scroll on the touch screen without understanding hundreds or even thousand messages in each group (except BEC Learning Group, hahaha). alhamdulillah, my addiction about HP have been decreased a lot. i hope the same thing happened to my husband, hehe.

“Hei, my hero… i know you are busy with your hundreds friends and ur “special duties”. but i think you have to take a rest from your phone for a while. i remember about our conversations few days ago without HP or television. it was very peaceful you know… and i really love that moment. “

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