EF #6 Thank you, Alter Ego

two sides of me

two sides of me

Based on Wikipedia.org, An alter ego (Latin, “the other I” or “demonic self” ) is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. I am not sure I have an alter ego or not. But I DO realize that I have a different behavior and attitude in a different situation.

Most of people know me as a cheerful and humorous person. Yes, I am. And I called her Ncuss. But she just appears in front of people I know so well. If you just meet me once, you might never find her in me. Ncuss is a girl who does not seem to depend on others, even her husband.

But deep inside myself, I am not that kind of person. Huehue. I am actually a silence admirer. I love spending my time in my private room by reading my favourite book or watching movie. I also a wife who can’t live without her husband. But, I only show it to my husband, not to others. Because I don’t want everyone look me as a weak person.

Moreover, i can be a fashion police for my self and my husband. It will get on my nerves if he or even my self don’t wear right dress for the right occasion. But Ncuss? She doesn’t care what she wears. she will say : “Who are you to judge me?” haha.

I really enjoy to live with her. Because of her, I can bear all my problems. If I can’t stand it my self, I’ll call Ncuss out. Then let her to solve my problem while I am crying inside.

Thank you :-*


Ya begitulah… paham gak sih? Hahaha.

17 thoughts on “EF #6 Thank you, Alter Ego

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  2. Oops, this isn’t a stop press section for Ncuss’ personality, right? I wonder whether she will be saying, “Hey, the other me! Who are you to judge me?” :hihi
    Living with so-called another self is indeed challenging, don’t you think? But it’s wonderful too, I think, because maybe you won’t feel loneliness anymore… *suddenly sad*

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