i am NOT a member of OOTD-ers Gang since i am not confident enough to show up my outfit.
sometime i wonder: is it really important to show our OOTD to the world? especially for me who is nobody, i am just bread crumbs scattered on the floor #eaaak.
but well, because i skipped so many EF’s themes, i brave myself to post this OOTD-thingy -__-”

and this is it…
what i usually wear when i have a trip or do my outdoor activity.

outfit of my playing time

outfit of my playing time

  • Veil : unbranded. this is a two sided veil so i can wear it for 2 days. it’s very useful for travellers :p
  • Scarf: handmade scarf from Lombok. unbranded. not only for fashion style but also to wipe my sweat =))
  • Top : party t-shirt (how do i write “kaos partai” in english? XD) dan unbranded cardigan. i have a lot of t-shirts that have party or other institution logo on it. And because the most of them have short sleeves, i have to cover it with cardigan. the black one is my favourite.
  • Skirt: unbranded! i bought it when i was on 4rd grade in university.
  • Sock: Soka
  • Sandals: Triset. i love this brand, but… a little too expensive *halah, ribet amat bahasanyah :p*

You see from list above, the most of what i wear is unbranded. da aku mah apa atuh. Anyhow, i never take it as a big deal. as long as i feel comfortable when i wear it, i will always wear it. hahaha.

how about ur OOTD, guys? :p


27 thoughts on “EF #11 OOTD

  1. Agree! Selama membuat nyaman bergerak dan sesuai situasi kondisi, oke saja! :hihi. Tapi Mbak sudah punya style sendiri lho dengan scarf tenun itu :)).

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