[EF #17] From Doctor, Nutritionist to Social Worker

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. It was greatly influenced by Susan & Ria Enes with their famous song at that time “Cita-citaku” :p. I know, It’s a very mainstream dream until now :p.

This dream made me love everything about science, biology to be exact, until I was at senior high school. I got the first rank in every daily test or every end of semester. Times passed,,, I read more books and got a lot of informations from seniors at my shool. Then, I was hypnotized by a title called “Nutritionist”. It was kinda cool, wasn’t it? Then I suddenly changed my mind XD

I took SPMB test after I’ve known that I graduated from high school. I didn’t prepare SPMB like my friend did. I just copied my friend’s preparation books and solved every questions in my home. Yes, I did it my self, without mentor nor teacher. At that time, I felt “nothing to lose” and have no burden whether I passed the test or not.

The D-Day came and I went to UNILA (University of Lampung) to take the test with my friends. I chose IPB as my number one choice and Biology in UNILA as my second one. I passed the test with smile in my face while I didn’t answer all questions because SPMB was not about how many you answer questions but it was, and it IS always about the strategy! I had to calculate how many questions that I answer correctly and I was absolutely sure about it. So, I counted on what I was expert on: Math, Biology, Bahasa. I just answer 4 question in Physics, and 10 questions in Chemistry =)).

Thanks to my God, IPB accepted me as student in 2006 and I passed the second test in IPB in 3rd semester to enter “Nutritional Science”. Then… I had studied in that major for 3 years. When I was in 8th semester, I felt numb and lost the chemistry with my major. Sometimes I felt I got a wrong major and I almost hate what I did -__-“ but I continued my study for my mother’s sake.

After I graduated, I had became a nutritionist in PT F*nt***a Indonesia… just for 5 weeks. I quited my job because I didn’t like how the company used what I learned in university to “fool” people. Hehe.

Then I applied to a NGO and shortly, it accepted me in May 2011. I became a general admin at first then a project monev in end of 2011 until now.

hello world. captured by wicak

hello world.
captured by wicak

It is a bless to be a social worker in this NGO. Although I get some difficult times to stand annoying people, not to mention the salary I get :v, I find my self enjoy what I do here.


this post is my submission to this challenge

18 thoughts on “[EF #17] From Doctor, Nutritionist to Social Worker

  1. Lebih penting bagaimana kepuasan pekerjaan tersebut tersangkut dalam hati ketimbang bagaimana penghasilannya ya Mbak :hehe. Suka banget, bisa bekerja sesuai passion, jadi pekerjaan yang dilakukan tidak akan terasa berat. Apalagi bisa bekerja di lembaga swadaya masyarakat, jadi terasa betul bagaimana perjuangan kemasyarakatan itu. Salut!

  2. Ah your job is very cool Mba. I admired everyone who work as a social worker especially the one who work in NGO. :)

  3. Sama, Mbaaak.. Aku jugak dulu pengen jadi dokter. Tapi pas UMB ngga dikasih sama Mama, padahal lulus di Kedokteran Hewan.. :'(

    Ah sekarang kerja di NGO yak? Aku pun pengeeeen kali kerja di NGO. Apalagi WWF. :D

    • wah… tokcer euy masuk kedokteran hewan. hihi. tapi skrg ttp hepi kan beb?

      ngelamar lah beb ke NGO, sebelum nantik dilamar sama febri #eh :p

      aku klo denger WWF pasti ingetnya sama panda lhoo… hahaha
      *blm kesampean mangku bayi panda -..-*

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