#EF18 Me And My Job

Complicated is a situation makes me a headache, difficult to decide what I want, and sometimes drive me to do nothing but being lazy :D.

Like what I told you last week, I have a job as social worker. And I have a complicated relationship with it. I tell you that I love my carrier as social worker, much. Because I work here, I can go to some places that I never imagined before. by working here, I am forced to be more grateful because I always read poor people’s pofiles and sometimes I meet them in person when I have an empowering visit to slum area. What I see there, it slapped me right in my face,

“Ncuss, you are lucky! You are blessed because you have a husband, a motorcycle to ride, a smartphone, DSLR, and beyond everything.. you are healthy and have a perfect body. How could you not be thankful for what you have?”
Yeah, I love what I am doing here.

ketika di negri orang, dan bisa berpose semaunya. makasih buat fotografer pribadi saya <3

ketika di negri orang, dan bisa berpose semaunya. makasih buat fotografer pribadi saya <3

In the other point of view, I “hate” my job because I have less day off than everyone I know. I can’t get it easily from my office because it’s always a “peak season” here =)). If you read Trinity’s story about how she work hard then get 7 days for her vacation from her office (Before she decided to resign, of course), well, it will never happen to me. Especially for the position I have :v. sometimes, I feel I don’t have a life except my job. Beside, I have a traveler soul. Somehow, It makes me suffer *le to the bay, lebay =)) *. I’ll tell you a secret that I will get sick easily if I don’t take a vacation during 1-2 months :D.

I have more words to describe what I feel, but from what I write above I think you can get the point :D. I love my job but I love traveling more. I don’t want to resign (yet) but It will make me crazy if I get la lot of difficulties to take day off :v. #pucingpalaberbi


This post is my submission for 18th EF’s theme


23 thoughts on “#EF18 Me And My Job

  1. Semua pekerjaan punya plus dan minusnya sih ya Mbak :hehe. Mungkin di pekerjaan ini ada minusnya dan pekerjaan lain ada plusnya tapi bukan berarti pekerjaan kita tidak punya hal positif dan tidak ada masalah di pekerjaan sebelah, menurut saya demikian :)).
    Tapi selama happy dengan apa yang dilakoni, bahagia itu pasti ada, meski kecil :)).

  2. Hm. I think we must not compare our life with anyone…especially the famous one. They built their happy image on purpose. But we never know the other unspoken story about the price they have to pay for the life they chose. All I can say sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold..

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