#EF19 The Way You Look At Me

I never have a boyfriend before I got married. So the most memorable relationship for me is what I have with Mr. Wicak, the one who have become my husband for more than 3 years :D.

One of many things that I still remember is how he proposed me on January 2012. Mihihihi. *ini kyknya bakalan jadi curcol -__-“* He with his family went from Bandung to Lampung and arrived in my home in the afternoon. I remember how our family made a long enough conversation about us and how he stole a glance to me who sat in a “separated” room. It was not totally separated, there was a door without it’s leaf between those room, hehe. Maybe he just made sure that my face didn’t change to a monster or so :v or to make sure the house he entered was right :p. From this sentence you knew that I also stole a glance because I also had to make sure that man was same with the one who told me would propose me :p *bahasanya ribet ya bok*. After 1-2 hours, and my family accepted his proposal (alhamdulillah ya.. :p), then he and his family went home.

And the memorable moment I clearly remember is the way he looked at me before that car brought him to Bandung. *lalu nyanyik The Way You Look At Me-nya Christian Bautista =))*. I felt that he was a bit sad when he had to leave, hahaha *iye, gue GR dikit :p*.

Lalala… :p

kami di sela2 pemotretan

kami di sela2 pemotretan

.This is my submission for EF 18.


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