i am NOT a member of OOTD-ers Gang since i am not confident enough to show up my outfit.
sometime i wonder: is it really important to show our OOTD to the world? especially for me who is nobody, i am just bread crumbs scattered on the floor #eaaak.
but well, because i skipped so many EF’s themes, i brave myself to post this OOTD-thingy -__-”

and this is it…
what i usually wear when i have a trip or do my outdoor activity.

outfit of my playing time

outfit of my playing time

  • Veil : unbranded. this is a two sided veil so i can wear it for 2 days. it’s very useful for travellers :p
  • Scarf: handmade scarf from Lombok. unbranded. not only for fashion style but also to wipe my sweat =))
  • Top : party t-shirt (how do i write “kaos partai” in english? XD) dan unbranded cardigan. i have a lot of t-shirts that have party or other institution logo on it. And because the most of them have short sleeves, i have to cover it with cardigan. the black one is my favourite.
  • Skirt: unbranded! i bought it when i was on 4rd grade in university.
  • Sock: Soka
  • Sandals: Triset. i love this brand, but… a little too expensive *halah, ribet amat bahasanyah :p*

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EF #6 Thank you, Alter Ego

two sides of me

two sides of me

Based on Wikipedia.org, An alter ego (Latin, “the other I” or “demonic self” ) is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. I am not sure I have an alter ego or not. But I DO realize that I have a different behavior and attitude in a different situation.

Most of people know me as a cheerful and humorous person. Yes, I am. And I called her Ncuss. But she just appears in front of people I know so well. If you just meet me once, you might never find her in me. Ncuss is a girl who does not seem to depend on others, even her husband.

But deep inside myself, I am not that kind of person. Huehue. I am actually a silence admirer. Continue reading

EF #3 How Gadgets Affect Your Life?

Gaara on my phone's screen. kyaaa....

Gaara on my phone’s screen. kyaaa….

this post will be focused on one kind of gadgets: Handphone

i still remember the first time i met a gadget, a handphone to be exact. it’s when i was a student in junior high school. if i’m not mistaken, i was in 2nd grade. hehe. at that time, my classmate brought a small red thing to the class and when we had a break in the noon, she played it in front of our room. i was very curious what thing she played and so were my other friends. somehow, we surrounded her and asked everything about it. then we took turns using that thing which called a handphone. hehe.

then time runs so fast…
i finally got my very first handphone when i was in university, in 2nd year. it was sony ericsson, walkman edition, and orange! haha. i was very happy that time. “look at me, i have a handphone!” maybe i would scream that sentence to the world if i could not control my self :)). Well, i used it until i graduated from my university and got my first job. then i changed it to Samsung Galaxy Mini and it lasted for 1.5 years. i knew everything about twitter, whatsapp, and other apps because of it :D. maybe at that time it was too late to know about it, wkwkwk. and now, i have a Samsung Galaxy III Mini and don’t have any desire to have another ones.

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BEC #2 my wildest dream

i (will) made it!

i (will) made it!

talking about dream,
i have to think longer than anyone else.
because basically, i am not a good dreamer :v. i just do my daily activity then plan for my short or mid term goals.

and thinking about the wildest one,
i really want to have a round-world trip with a big van.
it inspired by hollywood movies i ever seen before and also a lot of articles about traveling in internet. wkwkwk.
i imagine that my, err.. not my but our van will be our mobile house. we can do anything in our ordinary house comfortly, such as cooking, taking a bath, sleeping, doing our hobbies, and another private activity.

but first,
my husband have to recall his driving ability because he never drive anymore since he was in senior high school. haha. and also i have to be expert in driving as well because it’s impossible if he have to drive all the time. besides, i even can’t ride a motorcycle =,=. Continue reading