EF #3 How Gadgets Affect Your Life?

Gaara on my phone's screen. kyaaa....

Gaara on my phone’s screen. kyaaa….

this post will be focused on one kind of gadgets: Handphone

i still remember the first time i met a gadget, a handphone to be exact. it’s when i was a student in junior high school. if i’m not mistaken, i was in 2nd grade. hehe. at that time, my classmate brought a small red thing to the class and when we had a break in the noon, she played it in front of our room. i was very curious what thing she played and so were my other friends. somehow, we surrounded her and asked everything about it. then we took turns using that thing which called a handphone. hehe.

then time runs so fast…
i finally got my very first handphone when i was in university, in 2nd year. it was sony ericsson, walkman edition, and orange! haha. i was very happy that time. “look at me, i have a handphone!” maybe i would scream that sentence to the world if i could not control my self :)). Well, i used it until i graduated from my university and got my first job. then i changed it to Samsung Galaxy Mini and it lasted for 1.5 years. i knew everything about twitter, whatsapp, and other apps because of it :D. maybe at that time it was too late to know about it, wkwkwk. and now, i have a Samsung Galaxy III Mini and don’t have any desire to have another ones.

and yes, HP has changed my life… Continue reading