#EF 13 Running from the truth

When was the last time you exercise?
That’s one of big questions every week I have to answer in my weekly “halaqoh” =v. And sadly, I have to uncheck that kind of activity *my bad*.

Talking about sport, I have to be honest to my self and say “I never do any sport after I’ve climbed Mahameru in November 2014”.  The main reason is we’re too lazy to move our body. Even though, i sometimes persuade my husband to exercise… but when he refuses because of certain reason, i couldn’t force him. And, i end up not doing anything :p.
Somehow, I do have a favourite sport :D. It’s …. *drum rolls* …. Running from the truth. LoL.


run..run..run.. (photo by me)

This is why I love running: Simple.

  1. You just have to run. You don’t have to do dribble a ball, slide a ball from member of your opposite team, etc.
  2. There is no complex rules. Just run, dude…!
  3. There is no certain gear you have to wear when you run. You can do barefoot running, wear your expensive shoes, or like I do: wear my mountain sandals (is it a right word to say “sandal gunung”? :D)
  4. You also can wear you long skirt when you run. Yey!
  5. The only preparation you must do is warming up. Haha.

From what I mention above, Running is a perfect sport for lazy people :p
Ah, suddenly I want to run around Gasibu in Saturday morning. huhuu…

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17 thoughts on “#EF 13 Running from the truth

  1. my last exercise was 2 days a go. I did my zumba. but sometimes I still do running..kalau lagi gak males hehehe

    • i have ever did zumba once, mbak.
      but i didn’t continue the class because i didn’t get the chemistry :))
      sama 1 lagi ding: aku merasa agak susah ngikutin gerakan2 ala inul daratista-nya :))

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