EF #14 My Obsession and A Pirate

foto nyari di google search dg keyword "sailor moon"

foto nyari di google search dg keyword “sailor moon”

I am 25 years old now but I will confess to you that I love cartoon, anime, or whatever you call it. Almost addicted. Lucky me, I don’t have many access to comic rental right now and I am too stingy to buy comic. So I just read or watch it online. I prefer read it on mangahere.co :D. I read a lot of comics since I was in elementary school. Let’s say: Miko, Sinchan, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and their friends, and I found comic in Indonesian magazines such as Nirmala & Oki in Bobo Magazine *CMIWW*. Yes, I love them.

I also watched many cartoon in TV such as Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Sakura Card Captor, and etc =)). Oh my God, when I write it, it reminds me about my childhood memories. It was so fun and more interesting than childhood nowadays.

Between so many cartoon characters, I will choose Usagi from Sailor Moon as my favourite for sure! Omg..omg.. I love her dress when she transform to sailor moon. I love her more when this anime will come to final episode because her dress become more and more beautiful :v. By writing this theme, I realize that I still have an obsession to be a princess #ngek.

But now, since I have read more comic, I have one more favourite character. He is…. *drum rolls* Luffy from One Piece. Actually I don’t only love him, but also all members of his pirate gang. What I learn from this comic is friendship can be your unlimited source of power.


I really adore how they can trust each other although they are separated. They will put all the power they have to defeat their enemy because they know that their friends are waiting at the meeting point they agree. I love luffy because he is fool, stubborn, but he believes in his strength to help his friends. He looks like me in some ways. I enjoy every page of this comic and can’t count how many times I cry because of this comic :p. Now, I still waiting patiently for the last episode of this comic.

Please don’t be dead before you finish this comic, Mr. author … :D


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